Monday, January 5, 2009

Special Day Today!

My little girl (and only girl!) is turning 2 today! It seems like only yesterday that I was in the hospital meeting her for the first time. I guess in a way it really wasn't that long ago. Time sure seems to find a way of passing way too fast these days! Can't seem to find the slow down button on the world. Knowing this, I try to slow things down myself with my family and enjoy every single second as much as I can! OH, back to Miss Gracie! She seems to know that today is a very special day. Maybe it's because mommy keeps singing some silly little song to her everytime she turns around. Not to mention the fact that mommy has some cool new cake thingy that is going to make a really pretty princess castle cake! I know it's not Dora but mommy has never really been on the Dora train and I did make the Dora cake last year! Which by the way, I really need to be in the kitchen making this really pretty princess castle cake but I wanted to get this posted. It's my way of excercising my mommy right to brag on her by documenting this special day! I will do this as long as I can get away with it! Who knows how long that will be. Of course there will be layouts to follow here in a few days. So with all that being said, I will leave 2 pictures of Miss Gracie. One of 2 years ago on this day and one taken just a couple of days ago! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Gracie!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet girl!! You sure are a cutie patootie!