Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Dinners

Halloween always seems to the greatest time of the year to get creative with dinners! The kids love eating them almost as much as I love to make them! Tonight we ate Sea Monster and it was so tasty! We each got to choose which part of the sea monster we were going to eat. Chad got the head, Chris got the throat and the heart, Josh got the stomach, Gracie ate the lower intestines, and yep, you got it, I got the butt!! I tried not think about it while I was eating! LOL!! Here's a picture of it.

Here are some pics of the other dinners I've made for the kids.

Dead Man's Casarole and Mummy Dogs

Spider Web brownie

I lost the spider that was suppose to adorn this dessert. Actually, I think I had some help loosing it!

Ghosts in the graveyard

This dinner hasn't happened this year but will on Saturday. These are pictures from last year.

And lastly, I have to post a picture of the pumpkin that was left up to Mom to finish. I really didn't mind because it was fun to carve! The kids loved it!

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Halloween filled with fun and nothing but sweetness!

Until next time!!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! These are amazing!! Awesome job!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fun idea! I love these dinners! Have a great Halloween!

  3. omg!!! you're such a fun mom! what fun ideas for dinner! (way too much work for me. lol) and i love your pumpkin!! Happy Halloween!

  4. You are such a fun mom!!! I need to do fun dinners like that!!! My kids would LOVE it!!!

  5. What a FUN FUN idea, that sea monster! I love all your halloween goodies for dinner. I'm going to have to remember those! And hopefully, I won't get the butt. LOL!!

  6. What a cool pumpkin! I love that! And your dinners are so creative! I bet your kids just love it!