Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break and some HB cards

Happy Friday! I'm not really all that excited that this week is over because I've had my babies home with me this week for Spring Break and we have had so much fun! We've been bowling, eating lunch at Panda Express, ice cream from Cherry Berry, and we checked out a new bakery. Well, it's not new just new to us and OMGosh....they have the absolute PERFECT  piece of chocolate cake!!! Will power is going to have to be my best friend from now on because I just know I am going to find myself driving there every week to get my fix!! OK, need to get to thinking about something else!! So yeah...we've had a fun week and I am not looking forward to having to send my babies back to school next week! :(

So I'm here today to show off some cards that I've made. My birthday card stack is almost non-existent so I felt the need to make some to restock!

Oh happy happy day! 


Here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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