Friday, June 16, 2017

June tutorial - hand stitching technique

Morning and good day to all!  I'm here with you today to share a technique that I love to do on a lot of my layouts.....hand stitching.  It gives layouts a bit of pizzazz!  

I have a lot of thread just sitting around from previous cross-stitching projects that were never finished which makes me sad but I have definitely put it to good use. Each strand comes with 6 pieces. For a good strong line, I use 2 of the pieces together.

So for this first layout I used a pencil to trace a rectangle around my set of smaller pictures to "frame" it. I used 2 pieces of thread for it.

I also stitched some lines in the palm leaf die cut. I used 2 pieces of thread for it.

For this sun, I only used 1 piece of thread because I only wanted to mimic the lines already there.

Some more fun accents I created with stitching is to add a couple of border lines on a phrase die cut and adding a line to the surf board.

This circle was actually done on the sewing machine. It was the only one I did because I am not savvy when it comes to sewing circles on the sewing machine. I added some of the sequins from the kit so maybe your eye would be drawn to them instead of my messy sewing job. LOL!!

And my last example is a circle that was hand stitched...much neater! ;) 

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed this technique tutorial and will be trying it out on your creations!

June Creative Kit from My Creative Scrapbook

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