Wednesday, November 17, 2021

'Tis the Season for penguins

Hello crafty friends! I love penguins and this little guy just makes my heart melt because he's so cute!! This is the Side Step Card Christmas Penguin (Lori's Shop, Silhouette) and if you are looking for fun and fast cards to make for your Christmas cards then the side step cards are just what you're looking for! A few simple cuts, a few simple folds, adhere some snow, trees and a penguin and you're done! And if you have another minute or two you can add some matching sequins.

If you've noticed the sentiment is different that's because it is! A small trick...if the sentiment is not the one you wanted you can always change it out with the print and cuts. Just delete the sentiment that comes with the file and change it out with a sentiment from another file. Here is a tutorial to show you how. Or you can do what I did, simply cut the snow piece out (without a sentiment) and use your stamps!

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