Thursday, February 3, 2022

Valentine Candy Box Tutorial

Hello crafty friends! I have a tutorial on making these adorable Scallop Heart Candy Boxes (Lori's SVG Shop, Silhouette). These would be perfect for a grand/son or grand/daughter! I used the new Birthday Girl Collection and the Birthday Boy Collection to make these more kid friendly. I used the panda and the dog from the sticker sheet from each collection because who doesn't love an adorable animal wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day?!?!

Alright, let's get into this tutorial. First off, I want to point out that you will need to match up the correct heart to the correct side pieces. Heart piece 1 and side pieces 1 will be the top piece of the box and the heart piece 2 and side pieces 2 will be the bottom part of the box. This is very important as they are different sizes.

Now choose your papers and cut out all of the parts to this file and be sure to somehow label the hearts and side pieces. I used sticky notes to mark mine. Side note...looking at my picture below I think I mislabeled the side pieces. The longer side pieces will match up the heart 1.

Next you will want to adhere the 2 side pieces of each together. Put adhesive on the each of the tabs and adhere them together to form an oval.

Once the sides are dry...match up the pieces.

To make this part easier, use your fingers to shape the side pieces to match the heart shape. Then bend all of the triangle pieces down to the heart shape and adhere together. Do this for the top and bottom pieces of the box.

Here is a look at the box pieces when they are completely adhered together.

Now you will need to adhere the scalloped pieces to each of the top and bottom pieces of the box.

And then comes the fun part of decorating the front! For the red/dog heart I used the pieces that come with the file and for the pink/panda I made an extra larger heart to double up on the front panel. It's not necessary but I thought it would be cute.

That's all from me today. I hope you give this cute box a try! It's very fun to make and decorate!

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