Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn splendor is upon us!!

Ahhhh yes! My favorite time of year is finally here and I am loving it! Fall provides so many ways to heighten the five senses. Sight – fall colors on the trees and bushes. Hearing – the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. Smell – fresh coffee with pumpkin spice Coffee Mate. Taste – that same coffee and any recipe that calls for pumpkin (check out the Mosh Posh message board for some great recipes the girls have posted!). Touch – feeling the closeness of your children while playing in this wonderland of autumn glory!! It seems like we are the busiest this time of year. Every place has some type of activity or festival. So far we have enjoyed the fun of Pigeon Forge, Carowinds, and even right in our front yard. This first set of pics are of our weekend in Pigeon Forge where we always have a blast no matter what the season. As you can tell in the one pic, Gracie was not up to having her picture taken so I had to deal with what I could get. It seems like I'm getting this more and more as she's getting older. Hopefully this WILL go away!

These pictures are when we went to Carowinds last weekend. We all had a blast! Please note how happy my little Gracie was this day and really didn't mind having her picture taken probably only because she had just seen her favorite person on this earth: Dora the Explorer! What would we do without Dora? I personally won't answer that question! LOL!! And don't you just love her little Halloween outfit?!?

These last pictures are of us in the front yard with our own fall decor. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy our fall adventure pics. Hope you all are having as wonderful a fall season as we are!!!!


  1. Great pictures! We need to make it to both those places one of these days. And I love your new blog look!

  2. You definitely have some wonderful pictures here to scrapbook!!! Love your blog - very sweet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I would love for your email me with any questions - you've got my email!!