Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another one bites the dust......

Another rejection......another heartbreak but it won't keep a good woman down!! I tried out for the Imaginisce design team but was rejected. Can't figure this DT thing out. But oh well, there will be other chances to try out and other design teams to try out for as well. Anywho.....I wanted to post my projects because I love them and wanted to share them with others.

Life is a Garden....dig it.

U make life berry sweet

Christmas birdhouse card

And my "Celebrate the season" mini:

So there it is. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to announce that I've been blessed and lucky enough to join a manufacturer's design team.

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  1. Oh WOW...your artworks are AMAZING...and I, myself, can't figure out either why you didnt get picked. I think..those big company just pick the designers that already well-known..
    What's the purpose of the DT call right? I don't understand.
    Well...who knows someday...
    Happy Holiday.

  2. aimee, these are awesome! it is funny we were having the same conversation at the store the other day--we all tried out and we all got rejected too! i feel your pain. I don't get it! it seems like the same people are on like 2-5 manufacturer teams it is crazy! i am right there with you girlfriend!

  3. Don't get discouraged... I applied to about 20 this year and got one guest spot so far :(

    I might suggest more journalling, they like to see journalling I think, but what do I know lol

  4. Hi Aimee!! Don't let it get your down, girl! You are SO talented and that is ALL that counts!! :) Hey, I've tried out for Bo Bunny and Bella Blvd a MILLION times it seems and still get rejected. However, if you ever want to guest design for me I'd love to have ya!! :)

  5. Aimee, your work is wonderful and competition is fierce in this business so don't be discouraged! I love the projects you shared here, your mini totally rocks!!!!

  6. Your projects are fabulous Aimee! It seems like there are soooo many people trying out for a limited number of spots on teams. Don't let it get you down! Keep creating beautiful work, your family will love all your layouts in years to come.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  7. Those are fantastic! Love the title for the Garden one, I'm totally going to steal that!!