Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's a beautiful day to......VOTE!

I voted today....

I voted today...because it's what I always do. 
I voted today...because the thought of wasting a ballot or that right to vote makes me cringe. 
I voted today...because 5 years ago I had a Daughter and I promised her the world...or at the very least the BEST that this world has to offer. 
I voted today....because I want my Daughter to have the VERY SAME opportunities and possibilities for her future as her brother and cousins do. 
I voted today....because when she was a little curly haired baby sitting on our knee we told her she could be ANYTHING that she wants to be...and I intend to do everything in my power so that she never has to choose to be anything less than HEALTHY, HAPPY, and FREE 
I voted today... because I want her to know that she is worth as much as any man. 
I voted today...because I never want to let my son think it is ok to think women are worth less than their male counterparts. 
I voted today... because I COULD NOT have looked my Daughter or my Son squarely in the eyes tomorrow if I didn't.  
I voted today....because my one little vote DOES matter. 
I voted today...because generations of women before me fought so that I COULD vote today. 
I voted today...because if I hadn't used my right to vote than I would have no right to complain....and I'm kinda partial to complaining.  
I voted today...because I care.
I voted today....and I hope that you did too:)  

Actually....I voted last week. Thanking the good Lord above for the people who put the early voting into place!! I was in and out in 20 minutes! Whoo-hoo! But for the opportunity to make my vote count I would have stood in line for hours! No excuses people! GET OUT THERE AND MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!

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