Monday, February 25, 2013

Imaginisce Button Daddies and my own girly hair bow

After having 2 boys I am enjoying all of the frilly, foo-foo stuff that comes with having a girl! I love to dress her up and have the matching accessories but that can sometimes get a bit pricey. So I decided that if I wanted to take it easy on the wallet I needed to figure out how to make bows myself. 

I looked online for a tutorial and came across this free one on how to make a Loopy Puff Bow at The Ribbon Retreat ( Then I gathered some matching ribbons and material and set off to work. Instead of cutting my ribbon and then having to seal the ends with a lighter I cut all of them with my I-magicut Ribbon Cutter! That came in so handy!! I chose 4 coordinating ribbons and cut 10 pieces of each color to measure 4 inches (40 pieces in all). 

 Then with needle and thread, loop each piece and run your needle and thread through the open end alternating colors until you have all 40 pieces onto thread.

Pull tight so that all the ribbon pieces gather. Run your needle and thread through the first loop and tie off but don’t cut your thread just yet. Cut material larger than the Button Daddy and assemble together. Run your needle and thread through the back part of your button and tie off. Now you are done and can cut the thread.

Add a felt circle and gator clip to your bow and you are ready to sweeten up your little girl’s look.

Imaginisce Supplies: I-Top, 22mm Button Daddies, I-magicut

Alrighty....that's it for me! Remember today is the last day to get your to get your submission in for our March Monthly Challenge. You can read all the details about the challenge HERE.

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  1. Absolutely adore this hair bow! and admire the way you created it! just genius!