Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hello Summer Bicycle Shadowbox

Hello all you crafty friends...and Happy Summer! I have an adorable craft for you today to make and set on your desk to enjoy Summer without having to endure the heat. This is the Hexagon Shadowbox Bicycle (Lori's Shop, Silhouette), one of Lori's new svg files. It is soooo cute sitting here on my desk. I just love all of the different layers!!

If you'd like to make one of your own, I'm here to help! So let's get started!

Cut out all of the pieces. I used a thick white cardstock for the frame (for sturdiness) and normal cardstock for all of the colored layers. Once I had all of the balloons, trees, and bicycle pieces cut out I adhered them to the layer pieces.

Here is a closer look at those pieces.

Next, adhere the tabs together on each piece of the main frame and let it dry.

Now we can start assembling the shadowbox. Adhere the light blue cardstock piece to the back of the base piece. Bend all of the glue tabs...solid base piece tabs fold upwards and the layering pieces along with the top frame tabs fold downwards.

Adhere the outside frame to the back piece of the box.

With the layered piece tabs folded down, adhere them to the box. Tree piece is adhered first. Make sure you are adhering the layers so that the tabs are touching the piece behind it. You need to make sure you still have enough room for the top frame tabs.

Next adhere the balloon piece to the box.

And then the bicycle piece.

After all of the layers have been adhered into the box, there should still be enough room to adhere the top frame to the inside of the box. Adhere the top frame on and wait for it to dry. 

Then decorate to your heart's content!! I simply added a Hello Summer title chipboard piece from the I Love Summer collection.

Hope you have fun putting this fun shadowbox together!! Thanks for stopping by!


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